All that have the benefit of sharing their lives with horses know and understand the intensity of love and bonding that can happen in the relationship. They recognize the look and behavior of their horse, read signals and signs and there is a comprehension on a level that is difficult to describe.

Horses are one of nature’s most perfect creatures, and grooming is one of the exercises that you and your horse can use to validate both the condition and the needs of your horse. Look over the coat to ensure that the horse is healthy and getting the proper diet. Examine to see if there are any bumps or injuries that could have happened during the day. Be sure to pay attention to any sores so that they don’t develop an infection and clean them immediately, applying the appropriate medication.

Use the tips of your fingers to touch the muscle tissue and the skin and then use the palm of your hands. Be aware of the reaction of your horse as you touch to ensure if there is rigidity in the muscles or tension. As you touch, be aware if there are any areas that are warmer, as these could be indicators of potential concerns.

The Art of Pre-Grooming Your Horse