Wicked Local Photo by David Sokol 03/22/11 Lab mix Brittany looks out from her kennel for a story about the Northeast Animal Shelters stray dogs from Puerto Rico program may be facing some problems with receiving dogs due a flight change in airlines.

What began as a trend in adopting from shelters has taken on full steam and has become a mainstay. All across the country families and individuals have become enlightened to the plight of pets that are in shelters and they are adopting in record numbers.

Pets appear in shelters for a variety of reasons, and a majority are simply that their pet parents can either no longer afford them or even that they have passed away. These are incredible animals that are only looking for the love of a family.

There are now movements that are attempting to change all shelters so that they become no-kill shelters and this allows an extension of the time that pets need to find forever homes. Many people are offering their services as transition homes so that those in search can be matched with a loving pet.

For anyone looking for a specific breed or breed mix, there are now online services that are linked with shelters in your area and state. You can input the information for the pet that you are searching for and they will list those that match your inquiry. The data usually includes a picture as well as everything about the pet and their history. There is nothing more beautiful than having the love and devotion when you adopt a pet from a shelter

Adopting From A Shelter Brings More Love Than You Know